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Council Approvals

Building Council Approvals in NSW

Council approval requirements vary from state to state and from project to project. IXL Constructions is here to give you the simple facts so we can get your new home addition underway as soon as possible. Read through the following information and get in touch to learn more!

The Planning Phase

It’s important to plan for the work that you want to be done. Is your renovation going to be large or small? What can be done with the size of your land? Gather an understanding of the scope of the project so you’re aware of the resources you’ll need. For house extension ideas, speak to our team!

Finding Out if you need Approval

You’ll need to discover what’s required of you before you start building. There are resources available on government websites; however, you’ll definitely need approval if you’re in a flood-affected area or a Planned Precinct.

Have Your Plans Drawn

Speak to your construction company to learn how to tie an extension into an existing house and they will create the necessary plans to move forward. It’s important to choose a skilled professional because subpar documents will only slow down the council approval process.

Obtain Contracts and Planning Approval

You will need a clear contract with your building company that details the cost and scope of the project. Finally, you will be able to lodge your application for the council. Your project will need to meet certain criteria, and it may be possible to lodge your application online.

Ensure you are Insured

Check with your home insurance company to make sure you won’t need additional coverage for the renovation work. Your builder must give you a certificate that shows their work is covered by insurance.

Wait for Approval

Council officers will assess your application with three possible outcomes; approval, refusal, or deferred commencement consent (this means there’s something important that needs to be sorted out first). Your council will then issue you with a construction certificate that allows you to commence with renovations!

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